22 July 2020

She of Olympus, born a Queen; an Amazon unparalleled
With beauty as Athene’s sheen and yet in battle unexcelled.
So forged by Ares in his fire, a boundless might bared in her breast
She feared no man nor mortal ire, and so to Troy she journeyed west.

Her rage was fierce when once she heard the Trojan Prince had been undone
So swift to havoc undeterred, all Troy rejoiced to see her come.
And with her axe, her spear, her shield, her raven armour and her bow
She struck like thunder on the field and smote foul ruin on the foe.

The Greeks succumbed by what they saw: a woman warrior of doom
Aghast and filled with woe and awe to see a fighting flower bloom.
They begged their champion in dismay to rid them of this murderess
And though he won hard fought that day, she slew his heart with her prowess.

Now dying in Achilles arms, the heavens scried her apogee
They bid the goddess to the stars, to pass to immortality.

Solaris Inexorabilis

1 September 2019

The morning sun burns with industry
supreme with flourishing power
sanguine at the promise of day
faithful in the justice of the stars

But pulled by greater forces unseen
she wanes unknowing, unfeeling
her brightness devoured by the void
until all light and art is gone

Alice de Winter

12 June 2019

How pure, how bright, how pretty and pristine
No fairer mask could nature’s grace bestow
So calm a vision, peaceful and serene
As gentle and as fine as falling snow

But all her loveliness belies a will
That all men should be wary of and fear
For beauty’s touch is cold and it can kill
A frigid death for those who stray too near

But if you are ensnared by pulchritude
Arouse her then prepare to pay the price
And following a rapturous denude
Her veil will fall on you like shards of ice

Be careful of a bitter kiss that numbs
Beware the tide of white when Winter comes

Malena’s Sonnet

8 February 2019

A creature from the Netherworld
Her comeliness is but deceit
She tempts you with her wiles unfurled
Her lips beguile with tastes so  sweet

And with her impure trickery
To those who see not her true form
She binds them in great misery
Condemned to an infernal storm

To all of flesh who may desire
Beware the daemon and her spell
She lusts to drag you down in fire
Unto the Second Sphere of Hell

And in the depths of her dark hole
She’ll feast on your immortal soul

You & I…

9 February 2018

You suggested; I jumped
You talked; I dreamed
You smiled; I flattered
You shone; I beamed

You ate; I feasted
You sparkled; I stared
You asked; I answered
You shared; I bared

You teased; I fawned
You revelled; I swelled
You winked; I paid
You laughed; I fell

You led; I followed
You stripped; I leered
You stroked; I groped
You sucked; I cheered

You swooned; I swooped
You tongued; I flicked
You rubbed; I tickled
You sniggered; I licked

You beckoned; I entered
You gasped; I grinned
You blasphemed; I swore
You tempted; I sinned

You gripped; I grabbed
You moaned; I growled
You gave; I took
You scratched; I howled

You bit; I shuddered
You wanted; I craved
You rocked; I pounded
You took; I gave

You panted; I heaved
You begged; I worked
You tightened; I felt
You came; I smirked

You arched; I drove
You screamed; I strained
You squeezed; I tensed
You quivered; I came


You told me, and so I proposed
You had to accept, I suppose
You in shock and I, a tad
You the mum and I the dad


Last night…

18 April 2015

I broke the soundless night; in bed, I cried
My searing flow of tears would not subside
Despondent I could ever feel so low
And think this pain the worst there was to know

Though maybe unrequited love and I
Are truly intimate, and we have grown
Together in the dark watching me cry
Together in the dark I’m not alone

But surely that’s a madness in my head
For achingly I am alone in bed
As my love comforts other men I weep
Embarrassed that I let myself lose sleep

So with a shameful sadness and hurt pride
I broke the soundless night; in bed, I cried


23 December 2012

Consigning broken heart to bottom shelf
And purely concentrating on the self
With expert hand I’ll ease the pain
Forgetting love or tell tale stain


23 December 2012

Your eyes speak of a love unbound
That oft used words cannot convey
In looks that resonate sweet sound
Enhancing far what we could say
The fragrance of a swept desire
Compels the chest to breathe in deep
To taste the tremors of pure fire
And fan the flames of dream filled sleep
But of all things that I miss much
When thoughts of you bring soothing calms
Is feeling your true tender touch
To be enraptured in your arms
As words shed each imagined guise
And all you speak is in your eyes

Gehenna Calls…

17 December 2012

My thoughts for you sail over ocean blue
From English shores to US islands long
Emotions running wild but deep and true
How can desire ever be so wrong?
For what I see steals sight from awe filled eyes
Yet what I long to touch instils a fear
So surely what we’ve built is built on lies
There is nowhere we can go on from here
For you are his, and you cannot be mine
No matter if we feel a love so deep
As heaven slips and truth makes me resign
I sound recall into a dreamless sleep
For we both know how this forged tale will end
Gehenna calls and I will soon descend

False Step…

15 August 2012

Oh fate, in false step, too unkind
Between the void and majesty
String up the soul and rob the mind
Of every thought except of she
To laughing gods my will resigned
A curse, cruel fate, for what must be