Every Great Undertaking…

18 July 2006

… begins with a single step.

Or so I’m told.

And so I start this dubious undertaking with a cliche. Oh how droll!

I thought I might start however by setting out some ground rules, by which I should abide. I’m a lousy self disciplinarian, testified by the fact that I should be sleeping or doing one of the many more important things on my list of Things To Do (TTDs), and so here is the “Pillars of Pervagus”

1) Thou shalt post once per day, and twice or thrice if possible or pissed.

2) Thou shalt name no names in thy blog, for thine is a jealous non referencial blog and it shall have no other references to real people within it.

3) Thou shalt not bear false witness in thy blog, for what’s the point if thou does.

4) Thou shalt be forthright and unrestrained in thy blog, for what’s the point if thou does not.

5) Thou shalt attempt to be humourous, despite thine full faith that thou is not.

6) Thou shalt smoke tobacco whence practical to stimulate vasoconstriction, hypertensiveness, hyperpnea, and CNS stimulation, and to ward off the affects of lethargy.  

Well that’s all folks! (I’m working on a better sign off saying)


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