Lessening expectations

19 July 2006

I try not to be selfish, but I have my days when I just am. It really disappoints me that I get that way. It also disappoints me that I don’t always maintain my composure.

I’m not really a selfish person, but that means that when I act selfishly, it is really bad. I can demand and expect, and combined with the airy fairy ideals I often use in my dealings with myself and people, I guess it can make me believe things that are not real. I shouldn’t hold others to my expectations, no matter what. Not only does that lead to disappointment, but that always leads to friction.

Not everyone is like me. Strike that. No one is like me. And so what I feel to be normal and natural may not be for others. The things that I want, are not the things others want. My expectations are not other peoples’. And I should respect that at ALL times.

And so all one can do is adjust one’s behaviour in light of this truth. Act how you want. However in which way makes you feel good or feel better. Act only for the act itself. Act without expectation.

David Hume probably could have summarised his no necessary connection hullabaloo with that phrase “Act without expectation”. Hah! Who am I kidding. It doesn’t mean the same thing, but it’s not a bad philosophy.


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