The things we do…

19 July 2006

Well this post was going to be about something else. But now I’ve changed my mind. I was gonna talk about the tribulations we put others through, but that is really now moot in my head.

Things happen when they happen, maybe they’re unexpected, maybe they’re forseeable, but they happen. But when you don’t want something to happen, but you know it is going to happen as a certainty, what do you do? Of course David Hume would say that my question above is nonsensical, but David’s been dead for a long long time.

You know things will change but you don’t want them to. And moreover, what about if the change actually does you good, but it’s not the good that you want, it’s the long term good that you don’t really care about.

Hahaha! Its funny really. Surely good is good, and there is only one type of goodness. But yet, I feel compelled to think that there are different qualities to goodness. What is good for someone is variable. and deciding which path to take to achieve that goodness is one of the hardest decisions to make, for none of us knows truly what is best for anyone.

So I feel like asking “What is the point?”, Maybe we should all just ride our little rafts and get carried by the waves and the current. Some of us will end up in lovely calm lakes. Some of us will crash on the bank. Some of us will sink. Some of us will get lost at sea. If we can’t control the water, then we can only hope it will take us to safety.

So sit back, throw away the paddle, and enjoy the view. We’ll get somewhere. And for me, anywhere but here, in my emotional white water, is better by far.


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