A life of rhyme…

24 July 2006

When one is of and in my kind of environment, using one word when you could have used 12 is not common. Using a word of six letters is less prefereable to using a word of 14. Yes I contribute to it, but it encompasses me and pervades my very existence (see what I mean?).Intellectual jargon. That is what it is. And people often chastise those who use such verbosity. But it does have its uses. The English language has so many words, and it does so to be precise. Take the words “Complexity” and “intricacy”. Is there a difference? Well… actually… yes there is.

Could we simplify things? Of course we can, but I don’t think the honus should be on whether we simplify but on whether we should complicate. Complexity is born out of necessity, whether out of the necessity to be accurate, comprehensive, just, etc. Simple is how things are. We just interpret or present them in a complex way, for indeed, complexity and simplicity are not anathema to eachother. A snowflake is both simple and complex, and by comparison a strand of deoxyribose nucleic acid is definitely simple, but it’s pretty complicated nonetheless, for it makes some complex things, even besides you or I.

Our lives are simple. How we present them, and how we interpret them is not.

And so what does the title of this post have to do with the body of the text? Well this is a rather complex way of saying that words are precious, and the clearest conveyors of thought are those who write sparingly. Poetry is by far a great example, where a few words mean a lot, and so with the best intention, I propose to write in verse. For honestly, why write a page in post, when you can write four lines (or maybe eight as I’m a beginner).

But the key is can I convey the same in a four line poem than in a four paragraph post? We shall see.


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