Temet Nosce…

1 August 2006

To know yourself is the starting point for every truth. Getting to know who you are is the ultimate journey. But it is a tough road, for although we are all born into this world with the capacity to learn, many do not get to know themselves. Many do not even know that they don’t know themselves.

In our lives, events and ideas may pass or come into being that make us think and make us understand ourselves better. It is easier for some than others, and it’s not easy for me, but by far the greatest help comes from other people. If we are lucky we meet someone who can draw out the real you. Someone who can touch your very being. Someone who can show you who you are. I am one of those lucky people.

My life is so different because of this person. I am so different because of this person. And not just different… but better. It is amazing how we can walk around comepletely unaware, but it is miraculous that someone can change that. And that is how it has been for me. I have spent so long wandering in my own world, but someone has found me and repatriated me. I am not as lost as I was. And it is all down to my friend.

I have been given insight into myself that without this person I would never have, let alone ever realise that I did not have it in the first place. That is a precious gift. The best gift I have ever been given. It cannot be measured. It cannot be seen. It cannot be valued. And you have given it to me. Thank you.

For that and for so much more, I love you. And nothing I can say can truly convey how I feel for you. I am amazingly blessed to have you in my life.  


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