The Party…

12 February 2007

One week before it all started, instigated plans pre-charted,

Shopping was the foremost on the lengthy list to do.

Mother, General, claimed her levy, burdened I with produce heavy,

Carried back from shop to kitchen foodstuffs overgrew.

Two nights pre initiation of the birthday celebration,

Came the thankless task of having to prepare the food.

Washing, peeling, slicing, chopping, preparations never stopping,

Sombre, through the tiring night, was fast the workers mood.

Once the piles of chopped food were steep, collapsed for some well deserved sleep.

Rest had never been in such need since the last soiree.

Woken by the keen Maitre De, cooking did begin earnestly.

Lacking breaks, it lasted for the whole of the long day.

Darkness turned our hands to then clean the house, a feat which was not mean,

Continuing until the wee small hours of the night.

A long sleep was necessary, but rising to the contrary,

We got up close to what was Sunday morning’s first light.

The day of execution was here, greeted by me with little cheer,

Still some more cleaning and more preparing things to do.

Table set, drinks put on display, food was placed out in our buffet.

Nibbles on side tables for our early guests to chew.

Thirty people had we to feed, but the head chef cooked to exceed.

There was enough food to feed a hundred and a score.

Guests with scrummy noises ate fast, wondered whether our food would last,

As they came for seconds, thirds and puddings and then more.

Candles blown out on the sweet cake. Further deserts did they all take.

Conversation over coffee took place after that.

Watching time elapse on the clock, it did come as a complete shock,

As people continued to drink and to further chat.

It was getting pretty dead late, and my eyelids seemed to gain weight.

I was looking forward to the the comfort of my bed.

So when the last guest closed the door, I was glad that there were no more

People to assail my frail and fragile hurting head.

Although I know people had fun, this party: another tough one.

Hopefully a lengthy gap until the next rough scheme.

So off to my most cherished bed, to lie down and rest my poor head.

Where I like my solitude, where I in comfort dream.

One Response to “The Party…”

  1. pervagus said

    I thought it was interesting at the time, but reading it again, it’s very boring.

    Marks hopefully for cadence, rhythm and rhyme. But content and subject matter gets nothing! Sorry.

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