Happy Poet’s Block

20 March 2011

I find it strange that when it comes to write of happiness
I lack the words, the intellect to create and express

I’m happy and I’d like to say how good it makes me feel
But I find I’m uninspired. I cannot make words real

I cannot form the sentences, build cadence or make rhyme
No matter my environment, no matter how much time

Of love and longing I can write, as well of times so sad
But happy poems I can’t pen. Just why am I so bad?

Unable to translate emotions into words
This writer only generates such brown poetic turds

It’s poignant and indicative, my happy poems suck
My life so far, had little joy, and so I find I’m stuck

But all in all I want to say how happy I am now
It’s down to you, my one true friend, step front and take a bow

Again my life is changing, refreshing for the new
I want to say I’m happy now. I owe it most to you.


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