3 August 2011

Am I deceived, in truths or dreams
Is what I see more than it seems
Or maybe what I see is less
And I am easily impressed

But by external beauty taken
Aroused perhaps with my eyes shaken
Your physicality alluring
My vision sensibly assuring

But I debate what I am seeing
Am I a superficial being
Or am I drawn by what’s inside
Your beauty just over applied

Yes I see more than a good look
More than what often is mistook
In truth you’re sexy and appealing
That hardly constitutes my feeling

I sometimes think you’re not that pretty
But I know I am being petty
For your beauty is not just worn
It’s also internally borne



5 Responses to “Mistaken”

  1. Mattie J. said

    Ah, denial of love. The hardest truth to hide from yourself. I like how relatable this is. Really beautiful poetry ❤ Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Pervagus said

      Thanks for the comment and thank you for reading. Denial of Denial of Love, most definitely! So I take my confusions out with lengthy messy poetry.

  2. TheMsLvh said

    Your words here are so heart felt. I could feel each word you wrote. Perhaps it touched a place within my own heart. Beautiful poem.

  3. Emily said

    Unrequited love leading to doubt and denial. You have very beautifully conveyed this emotion that so many go through.

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