7 August 2011

Freedom’s fictitious, a concept unreal
For we are not free to do or to feel
Whatever we want to, whenever we choose.
But freedom is often cited to abuse.

If people could do all what they want to
We probably all would get fucked and get screwed
We might get what we want at others’ expense
And make ourselves happy while causing offence.

Don’t tell me I can do whatever I please
Or have what I want as if life is a breeze.
Whatever I like, I cannot just take.
As life’s not like that. To be free is fake!


2 Responses to “Free…?”

  1. This touches a lot of nerves with me… Very well put (and I know that sounds like hot air or just trying to be nice, but I really like it).

  2. Pervagus said

    Well thank you for being nice 🙂 I know exactly what you mean though. Sometimes when I write a positive comment it sounds somewhat disingenuous, when I’m being completely sincere. Thanks for reading.

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