London Shocking!

8 August 2011

London shamefully is burning
People’s avarice concerning

Police shooting an abuse?
Riots, looting, no excuse!

Lawlessness again descending
Another night of hell impending

Wanton criminality
Needless in brutality

Opportunity not need
Shocking depths to people’s greed

Uncontrolled and mindless violence
Stunning lawful kin to silence

This is no mere disaffection
Bedlam spreading like infection

East and North, then South, now West
Unbelievable unrest

Sirens blaring London wide
No one knows what may betide

To all I know in London town
Stay safe, stay calm, keep your head down!


4 Responses to “London Shocking!”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    I had an urgent feeling while reading this. Is this happening right now? The response you rose in me shows how compelling your poem was. WOW!

    • Pervagus said

      Yes still happening right now. First and second night’s disturbances were localised, but today, rioting and looting taking place in dozens of areas of London, and one city outside London too.

      Shocking and shameful!

  2. I have friends who live in the areas where it’s just now started happening… I can’t sleep from worrying! *sigh* Love the poem!

  3. Pervagus said

    Thanks for reading. Loved your poem too. I’m not far from where a small something happened earlier, but thankfully it was contained. Still, I find myself awake at 3am!

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