9 August 2011

Internal voices, they do say:
“Be warned, for thou may wither!”
Yet unresponsive every day,
I carry on to dither.

I am a whole, I do believe,
seemingly split into
A man who wishes to achieve,
and one who does not do.

I know not what has come to pass
creating innate conflict.
And blighted by a humourless farce,
it binds me like a convict.

So I have crawled on every year,
no will but to retire
Into a state of gleeless cheer
of unfulfilled desire.

Content, I only do what must
be done; a forced volition.
And all my hopes I leave to rust,
abandoning ambition.

My failures are my victories,
the fruits of my inaction.
And lengthy are these histories
that give no satisfaction.

But voices inside me do say:
“Pay heed and mobilise!”
They shout and scream most everyday.
Their warnings they reprise.

It eats me up how I unhear
my own piercing advice.
Pretending that it is not clear
that I need not think twice.

It is a fault brought on by me,
this misery I sow.
How can I look and yet not see
my apathy as woe?

I do not wish to be appeased
by this condition strange.
And so this moment I have seized.
I vow that I will change.

4 Responses to “Changes…”

  1. Fantastic to hear!!! And a great read too! *smile*

  2. Pervagus said

    Thanks. I first wrote this four years ago, but think I need to renew my vow 🙂

  3. TheMsLvh said

    I was going to say maybe a passing phase, but then read your response. One day you will wake and something will bring passion to your heart. That will give you the push needed to strive. Loved the writing. Your rhyming is great!

    • Pervagus said

      I often think that day came and went, then I remember there are plenty of days in the calendar.I find rhyming makes more sense for me than free verse. Must practise being less tidy! Thank you for reading and your lovely comment.

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