Of Her (Part I)

10 August 2011

The first thing you should know of her is she is my best friend.
For everyday for eight great years, we’ve talked and shared no end.
Yes lit’rally we talk each day, no matter where we are.
When we’re in the same city, or flung to countries far.

Whatever time of day or night, whatever we’re up to.
We talk in bed (although not shared) and even on the loo.
We do talk shit and high brow things. We laugh like no tomorrow.
Of course we cry and argue lots snd share our times of sorrow.

She lives one mile away from me. I see my friend a lot.
And since we met eight years ago. I really lost the plot.
Yes I did fall in love with her. Was forced though to fall out.
She was in love with her partner, and mostly was devout.

Admittedly she does look good, but that’s not why I fell.
Her beauty comes from deep inside. It charms me like a spell.
She gave me more than anyone had ever done before.
She widened my experience. She opened me life’s door.

With her I’ve had such awful lows, but more fantastic highs.
To the extreme we sometimes go, always filled with surprise.
For though I’d say in honesty she has been my soul mate,
Platonic we will always be, I curse each day my fate.

I fell about six years ago, to climb out took some pain.
And then we set up a business, so “partners” we became.
We then worked hard, and our “…ship” changed, somewhat detracting me
From feeling good of love and her, in writing poetry.

But guess what happened March this year, she broke up with her guy.
After eight years being with him and so I’m left awry.
But nothing’s gonna happen. The window’s firmly closed.
She loves me lots, but not that way. We’ll remain juxtaposed.


8 Responses to “Of Her (Part I)”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    This is such a love story. I too have a friend/love that will never be more than that for years. Though we have shared our hearts, he will never be mine. But that is ok as long as he is my best friend! Loved your poem!

    • Pervagus said

      Well it’s some kind of common story. Never told it like this though. Similar situations then, but I agree it is fine being best friends. We often “joke” that I’ll “have her” in ways no other man will. I’ll cling to that! But the hardest thing is the deceit. Another line in my poetry.

  2. I’m so sorry for you… Though at the same time it must be wonderful to have a friend like that!

    I want to respond more, but it’s a rather… Let’s just call it a perfectly shitty evening on my end, so I can’t muster much sympathy. I will come back and read more and again, OK?

    • Pervagus said

      Now I’m the sorry one, sorry you’re having a shitty evening. Won’t pry, though I am tempted to ask if there’s anything an anonymous online person can do?

      P.S. Don’t be sorry for me. It is a wonder to have a platonic love. We wouldn’t have got to be so close if we had had something. I would’ve been just another guy on a very long list. It’s the same old story… Having lots and wanting more.

  3. I have a long-distance guy friend. He edits my blog for me. We have this weird friendship going on, but that would be endangered the minute it became more than shameless teasing and the best weirdest friendship ever.

    great poem

  4. Emily said

    Lovely poem, great form and rhyme. Such a wonderful story in many ways to have such a love between friends, though I understand the pain of wanting more. Something that could be seen as very natural between a man and a woman. *sigh*

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