Beloved Golden Mop Head of London

11 August 2011

Beloved Boris

Boris! Boris! Blonde so bright
Buffoon by day. Buffoon by night
The Mayor’s job, you cannot fill
You’re funny so we love you still

Open your mouth, and speak so posh
Bumbling, mumbling tory tosh
Half the time you make no sense
This comedy has no defence

How did you win the London vote?
Was it because you float our boat
With seas comedic so funny
But will a second term you see?

Oh Boris, icon of this town
No need to paint your face, you clown
Just go to Clapham, hold up your broom
Speak gibberish, and fight our gloom

BoJo BoJo, burning bright
Your hair does give me such a fright
And when you lose to Ken the Red
We’ll still love you Golden Mop Head


8 Responses to “Beloved Golden Mop Head of London”

  1. You really managed to find the worst ever photo as well! Brilliant! I am so grateful for any chance to smile right now and you provided one! Thank you!

  2. I love this! Made me laugh and so damn true too!

    • Pervagus said

      Watching him pick up a broom in Clapham, as if he was leading an army, was for me hilarious. And the crowd really seem to enjoy what he had to say. I realised then that although I don’t have any blue in my blood, I still did love the guy! Glad you laughed. I did too while writing it. Thanks for reading and the comment. 🙂

  3. this is golden material! made me laugh

  4. Pervagus said

    Thanks Eva. Glad it made you laugh. Your blog is splitting my sides though! 😉

  5. Emily said

    Hahahaha! Yes Boris is a star buffoon. Love the poem. Made me chuckle.

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