What I Should Have Said…

12 August 2011

“Unappreciative bitch” that’s all I didn’t say
I hate that I love you so much though you treat me this way
Instead of a kind word to speak all you can do is moan
After all this time you know I should have fucking grown

Sometimes I wished that I would die, just so that you might see
The kind of life that you would have, without support from me
But saddest thing I feel right now that drives me to despair
You wouldn’t really notice, for you don’t really care


6 Responses to “What I Should Have Said…”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    Poerful words, but when someone feels Unappreciated
    it causes a deep hurt. Good write!

    • Pervagus said

      Sorry for swearing but you’re fucking right! Sorry. Feeling pretty pissed off right now.

      But thank you again for reading and commenting. Shallow maybe, but I feel a little better for it. Thank you

  2. I so deeply feel this… But at the same time I want to try to heal… Stupid, I know… These feelings are so very real! Not trying to belittle or make less of what you feel, but I wish I could just hold you close and shake you until what’s real you feel! *gaaaaah*

  3. Emily said

    Like MsLvh said, very strong words, but don’t die. I’m sure someone would notice.

    • Pervagus said

      Thanks. My diary secretary would notice I suppose. She keeps telling me that only the good die young, so no chance of that happening soon I suppose 😉

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