14 August 2011

Let me dream without restriction
Smothered by ideal conviction
Thinking that you think of me
Feeling possibility

Sensing somethings in disguise
Seeing promise in your eyes
I’ll take chance if you would too
Could we usher something new?

Wondering though we are far
Are we seeing the same star?
No more musings, let’s just see
What could happen, what could be.

Come to me our time is fleeting
Can you feel my heart fast beating?
Let’s not spend our time alone
Be my Queen, come share my throne

4 Responses to “Possibility…”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    You got me with the first line Pervagus.

    Let me dream without restriction

    That magical moment when two eyes meet and the akwardness that follows. Love it ! Anticipation is such a high. You did great in the rhyme and flow.

    This was also a great line of yours:
    Are we seeing the same star?
    .. Showing how people can see the same thing and it means different things to each other. Great!

  2. Pervagus said

    Thank you Lisa for your lovely comments and perception. We should all dream without restriction, without fears, without limits. You’re spot on with the awkwardness. Never knowing exactly what is happening or what to do. I want to be carried away, but just can’t find the compulsion from wherever it would come from do be so. Drawing board? Hope not…

  3. Emily said

    To dream untethered. We can all only wish. You convey the longing very well throughout the piece. Lovely.

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