Stand At Ease…

15 August 2011

Bravery in body bags
Heroes boxed and draped in flags
Broken bodies can’t be mended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Brothers thank you in march past
Standards flying bowed half mast
Honour you always defended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Speeches made of you in praise
Recounting all your short lived days
Remembrance services attended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Wrong war, though you gave your all
Still strong soldier standing tall
In dispatches well commended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Duty filled we all attest
Lay down your arms and finally rest
Mistakes made won’t be amended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

~ To the Five Hundred and Fifty Eight


8 Responses to “Stand At Ease…”

  1. sporadicpoet said

    Awesome poem, the rhyme scheme is great and sweet topic!

  2. TheMsLvh said

    This poem with the last line of ;
    Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

    Really got me. Losing all those young in the helicopter the other day still has me rattled.
    Grat poem, loved how you ended each stanza. Definatly making a point.

    • Pervagus said

      Although I thought I kept up-to-date with plenty of things, I was shocked to be told by an acquaintance who went to school with a serviceman who had died, that the UK’s service personnel deaths now reached 558 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Saddest most of all that the majority of those deaths are by “IED explosion while out on patrol”. It feels like such a waste. They gave their lives, but it still puzzles me why. Thanks for reading.

  3. wonderful poem. this was really heartbreaking. i love the variety and depth of your portfolio you’re creating here

  4. Pervagus said

    Thank you for reading and your kind comment. I am trying to write about more things (more than just about love and a girl – lol!) and keen to try new forms. Learning lots from other writers out there. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Emily said

    A fitting poem for all those who serve in the military. They do a great job in difficult circumstances, putting their lives on the line unnecessarily. Great poetry job too.

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