Don’t Flame Me…

17 August 2011

I luv two fined and reed so mutch eksquizit poetree
Butt as eye reed thru owt the nite it panes me constantlee
Too sea good form, rithem and rime buy mispelt werds get recked
Oh poets off the modurn werld, wye doen’t ewe yews spell cheque?

~ Sorry! I couldn’t help myself! And yes I know I get spellings wrong too! 🙂


13 Responses to “Don’t Flame Me…”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    PLEASE let me know if you see a misspelling. I spell check twice and then once more for good form. LOL@ me.
    Thanks for bringing this to the forefront. I really think misspellings are slippery as a wet seal, they just get by somehow.

    • Pervagus said

      LMAO! Not at you, but at the slippery wet seal. You really are a female wizard with your poetic imagery and similes! 🙂 But it is true, they do manage to slip past for everyone (though I know very very very rarely in your work).

      When it’s one word in a thousand, it pretty petty pointing it out. It just irks me when it’s a common word that is continuously written incorrectly several times a stanza! Note to self…”Rize abuv it!”

  2. Pat Hatt said

    eye due naught c whut the porblim iss, dont u lik suche speeling..hahaha

    My spelling I usually catch, as it does annoy me when one talks like a two bit hillbilly, not on purpose. I tend to switch something like bare and bear, more than spell wrong..haha…although thanks to the cat chewing the keys, sometimes when I hit one it doesn’t take, leaving a misspelling..haha

  3. Innocent misspellings are one thing, phone text spelling is just irritating.

  4. Brilliant, and I know exactly what you mean… *smile* I also concur with TheMsLvh, if you see me misspell or use incorrect words, please let me know!

    • Pervagus said

      Thank you CC. I really do believe pointing out the odd word, typo or swap in someone’s work is petty, unless it is some crucial word of a poem or prose, even more so if English isn’t someone’s first language. I do find however that it is those who have English as their mother tongue that commit the gravest sins.

  5. text speak is not art. it’s just not. I laughed at this.

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