Rain Rain…

18 August 2011

Rain rain stay awhile
Fall on me during this trial
Heavy drops descend from high
Mask the bitter tears I cry

Rain rain stay today
Sing my song of wrought dismay
Soothing water wash this face
Veil my terrible disgrace

Rain rain stay this week
Grant the solace I do seek
Deluge me, do not refrain
Hide my hammering heart pain

Rain rain stay for years
Save me from these taunts and jeers
Drench my world, come torrent down
Conceal my abysmal frown

Rain rain stay with me
Broken hearted as I be
For my love does me revile
Rain please reign and stay awhile

5 Responses to “Rain Rain…”

  1. TheMsLvh said

    I like the progression of rain in the beginning of each stanza. Loving on your rhyme. I admire rhyme as you probably noticed.
    Sorry you feel this way, if it is the way you feel. But rain has a cleansing way about it.

    • Pervagus said

      Ooops… Rumbled! 🙄 I admit it’s not how I feel today. I wrote this a few years back, and since it’s raining pretty heavily in London today, I went and dug this out.

      I noticed that you like to rhyme
      And I, like you, have admiration
      For the people who take time
      To liken sounds in their creation

  2. The rain is good for hiding tears too.

  3. love rain poems, it brings forth wet and romantic feelings, sadness is lightened in rain drops.

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