30 August 2011

Like movie hero moments, makes my hair stand on end
Like a pair of old trousers, makes a tightening distend

Like snowflake fall on skin, sends shivers and chills
Like queues at the fun fair, expectation of thrills

Like the air of the tropics, warm and moist as we lean
Like lipstick with a double scrummy scoop of ice cream

Like thunderstorms, sparks followed by rumbled noise
Like winning the lottery, imbuing pure joys

Like a blow to the head, makes me spin all intense
Like a deaf, blind and dumb man, I lose all my sense

Like unwound wind up clocks, time now standing still
Like a trainspotting junky with euphoric lost will

Like waterfalls of honey, sweet and gooey inside
Like a homeward bound swallow on warm currents glide

Like a non-British summer day, making me glow
Like electro shock therapy to the nethers below

Like an unsteady mountaineer falls in an abyss
Like nothing I’ve felt before, like your tender kiss


36 Responses to “Like…”

  1. Simply brilliant!!!! Like!! 😉

  2. Sounds like maybe you like that kiss! Very nicely done!

    Thanks for the visit and comment on mine. Here’s the link, in case some of your readers would lke to stop by:

  3. lovely imaginations.


  4. I love your poem. Thank you so much for sharing this. My share this week is

  5. Pat Hatt said

    Sounds like that kiss was more than like, beating out some many things not of the like. Your piece I like.

  6. My imagination took me all over the place trying to figure out what “like” was going to be. Very fun approach. You could probably do a whole chapbook on “like” poems!

  7. Now that is a great description of a kiss. Excellent!

  8. brian said

    oh yes a kiss can be just that…really cool piece…i was wondering where you were going and then it made perfect sense….

  9. Like it.

    I was just hoping it was going to, like, go somewhere…but I’m glad it went to a kiss, because a kiss is like nothing else.

  10. Oh how cool that you left the kiss till the very last. I was enjoying all the images for themsleves, then it all made super sense.

    All that and more — yes! kissing is very very good when you’re with the one you want to kiss.

    enjoy those kisses!

  11. Heaven said

    Like this very much… cool sweet kiss.

    I also wrote about this prompt here:

    • Pervagus said

      Sorry Heaven, I thought I had replied to your comment before, but I obviously hadn’t! Ooops…

      Thanks for reading and liking my poem. Seems rather raw compared to your refined offering 🙂

  12. fiveloaf said

    🙂 love it indeed! glad to be of acquaintance. my entry if you have time..

  13. ayala said

    A kiss can do that…you capture it so lovely.

  14. wonderful! a great build up – had me guessing until the end and I was pleasantly surprised when I got there.

  15. C Rose said

    Deeply expressed, I enjoyed how you made it a string of couplets it lent to the reading nicely. Enjoyed this ~ Rose

  16. Oh god yes…what is felt behind a kiss can be so powerful! Ahhh… Makes me remember so many first kisses 😉

  17. Morning said

    magical sentiments, well done.

    happy poetry picnic.


  18. dani said

    wow! i want a kiss like that! {smile}

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