Why Do You Smile…

31 August 2011

I wish I could make you smile
Like he does
With the mere mention of his name
Your face lights up
Gone will he be tomorrow
Then out you will go
In pursuit of the next
For the thrill of to come
But I will be here
To pick up the splinters of wood
And mend the shattered bed frame

19 Responses to “Why Do You Smile…”

  1. This breaks my heart. I love when a poem can arouse an emotion such as this. Keep writting! You are a wonderful wordsmith!

    • Pervagus said

      If only hearts were made of wood… easily mended with fixings and screws. Alas no! Thank you again for your kind comments. Though “smith” is often replaced by “mangler”!

  2. ayala said

    lovely poem…sad and moving.

  3. DW said

    I read this after hanging up the phone from a friend, and I swear I had just said to her, I wish I could make you smile like he does…such raw emotions, a wonderful write.

  4. Pervagus said

    Thank you DW. I’m sure many of us have said the same or similar thing to someone at least once. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  5. Claudia said

    so hard to love someone and not to be loved back…just wrapping the bleeding wounds…tight, raw and bleak

  6. this is heartbreaking. why is that the answer for a heart break is to read about someone else’s?

    • Pervagus said

      I have no idea Eva. Maybe it’s just comforting to know you’re not alone in that aspect, and that others have “survived” it too. Thanks for reading and commenting šŸ™‚

  7. dani said

    unrequited love is so hard on the heart! but the heart wants who the heart wants.

  8. Boledi Tladi said

    A soul-moving poem…allows a certain beauty in sadness

  9. Ouch. I could feel the hurt in this.

    Better than Billy Collins.

    And I LOVE Billy’s poems.

    Wait!? You’re Billy Collins incognito, right? I knew it!!

    • Pervagus said

      Thanks Jannie. That is high praise indeed, but it is certainly untrue. I am not him in disguise (lol), though I admire Billy Collins work as well. Embrace is one of my favourites. Thanks again for reading and commenting. I’ll have to frame this one šŸ™‚

  10. Emotionally moving, causing all to feel empathy. Even me!

  11. Ah… beautiful commitment

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