11 September 2011


Eagles soar
Far too low
Ecstatic pleasures
That we know

Body warms
Soon we glow
Illegal pleasures
That we know

Spread the joy
Let it show
Pill form pleasures
That we know

Spin the decks
Don’t let it slow
Popping pleasures
That we know

Emdee Emay
Don’t need blow
Powder pleasures
That we know

Lose yourself
Just let it go
Freeing pleasures
That we know

Dancefloor passion
Let it flow
Vital pleasures
That we know

What’s the point
In saying “no”
Guilty pleasures
That we know

Feel our love
Feel it grow
Sharing pleasures
That we know


6 Responses to “Pleasures…”

  1. Oh, dear… This brought back a few memories of London… *big, big, big smile* Very well done (piece, I mean – not encouraging anything else, of course… lol)!

  2. lolamouse said

    Had to think way, way, WAY back to remember any of that! But I never inhaled! ; )

  3. A read with background music is really a good experience. Hypnotic while reading and writing together. Poets write
    about everything. Is any write off limits out here? Nawh…

    • Pervagus said

      It’s good to write about other things definitely. Makes a change from my trolling on about the same subjects over and over again. I did think the music added a sense of rhythm since the lines were very short. Thanks for your appreciation Sharon 🙂

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