The Sodden Earth…

13 September 2011

Darkened heavens fall never ceasing
Ill met drops drowning the land
The field of dreaming crops halts breathing
Its harvest vapours to night’s hand

Soulless windows burst in pane
Floods pour down stone weathered faces
Sweeping away hope’s moraine
Salt waters erode rock found bases

The rain soaked soil becomes a reaper
A drain of strength I cannot face
Already weary sinking deeper
Softly welcomed in mired embrace

This sodden earth asphyxiated
Heralds the call from an echoless part
My resting place most abominated
An airless tomb for a stillborn heart


10 Responses to “The Sodden Earth…”

  1. Great post today thanks.

  2. Eroding away like glacial moraine,
    what a picture you have painted there.
    The age span of time and empty land.
    An empty heart is what I felt. Lots
    of layering here and very sad.
    Good write in elegy.

  3. brian said

    whew that last line is breathtaking…the rain…i just read another poem begging for it…what brings lifealso brings death…

    • Pervagus said

      I love the rain really. Don’t want to think it reflects a negative nature. Would rather hope I just like being wet and cool. Thanks for reading and commenting Brian 🙂

  4. hedgewitch said

    A formal marching feel to this, through a grey dripping landscape, soul-killing and smothered. Well done.

  5. lori said

    That last stanza is most intense. There are many potent images here with a hopeless weary voice ringing throughout.

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