White Satin Sonnet…

16 November 2011

And living in a dream with her I lie
In thought and deed bereft of all control
No toil or tiring reason could defy
A dream that steals sweet sleep but feeds the soul
White satin sheets that ripple in moonlight
Have staved a loneliness that we might know
And through our gentle ravages this night
The dam explodes and warm white rivers flow
As surging pulse and pitch softly subside
She clothes my body with her tenderness
And whispers sweetly as her fingers slide
Compelled to rise once more I acquiesce
And so again we lie as day draws near
For when sun dawns this dream will disappear

Submitted to dVerse Open Link Night 18


14 Responses to “White Satin Sonnet…”

  1. brian said

    smiles…perhaps we can hold the sun back a little longer…like the first time in the morning sex…great way to start the day…but only if it lies beyond the dreams…smiles.

  2. Pat Hatt said

    Wonderful sensual write, agreed nice way to wake up, as long as it’s not a dream, then I suppose that isn’t so bad either.

  3. ayala said

    a wonderful write….And so again we lie as day draws near
    For when sun dawns this dream will disappear…..love the ending lines.

  4. Yum! This is so sensual and delicious. While I was writing of black and silk you were writing of white and satin. Mine played out in my head, I would like to believe yours was truly in your bed.

  5. Accomplished and gently erotic. great job.

  6. love this, way too sweet.

    check us out, join poets rally week 56 today,

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