Black Velvet Sonnet…

17 November 2011

The velvet is as bleak as it is black
Depressions on your bed side mark my mind
To Hades I would go to bring you back
To see you here I’d willingly go blind
But you are gone and I am all alone
Alone to face the churlish taunts of night
To suffer screeching silence on my own
And turn my tears into these words I write
I cannot close my eyes for I would see
The happiness I’ve lost for evermore
In our room now a gaol of misery
I pray that death soon knocks upon the door
Till then in emptiness I lie awake
Enthralled to cold black velvet and heartache


13 Responses to “Black Velvet Sonnet…”

  1. Victoria said

    Stunning sonnett. You’ve very effectively created that feeling of emptiness and loss. I’m glad to discover your blog.

  2. I was immediately captured by the first line’s use of “as bleak as it is black”. Good one!

  3. Awwww… heartfelt emotions here.
    I’ve been ‘there’ myself, still am sometimes. Beautiful prose.

  4. manicddaily said

    The bleak and black are beautiful, and the depression on the bedside so apt–physical and emotional at once. Good work. K.

  5. brian said

    wow…evocative…wishing for death rather than…felt that….you have a great hook in this…well penned…

  6. ayala said

    Evocative and beautiful!

  7. the word bar said

    Oh my… the weight of emotion is palpable in your poem..

    well done..

  8. Pat Hatt said

    Truly the emotion runs high with this verse and you convey it so well, nicely done.

  9. claudia said

    depression can let the person we once knew disappear…and seems there are more and more people suffering from this..a raw and emotional write

  10. Tino said

    Truly amazing Sonnet that shouted at me off the page, slapped me a couple of times and then left me in a state of shock, for reasons known only to myself.

  11. This is absolutely beautiful. Your placement of words is stellar. I,m impressed with your writting my dear. I see by the date you have taken a break. I just returned from one myself. Hope to see your writtings soon.

  12. Eloquent… you’ve captured grief and heartache so well here. The imagery is superb and I like your use of alliteration throughout. Beautifully written ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Pervagus said

    Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to thank you each individually, but I am warmed by all your kind words and appreciate you coming by. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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