Red Silk Sonnet…

1 November 2011

Afloat upon a sea of silken red
She lies becalmed after the opening storm
Her skin unsheathed too soft for hands to tread
My trembling touch would rend her radiant form
A cool air that conceals her rampant heat
Falls on her body like the morning haze
And innocence that knows of no conceit
Does shame all self and almost mends my ways
My love and lover’s beauty sings to me
In melodies to match the Sirens’ choir
No finer temptress could there ever be
I cannot stay away nor stay desire
So all control falls crumbling into dust
I spoil her in so sating wanton lust

Submitted to dVerse Open Link Night 16


You are…

12 October 2011

You are the breath upon cold glass
The mist that clouds a stoic mind
You are a longing unsurpassed
An earthly rapture too unkind

You are a Queen Philosopher
A Form from which delight depends
You are my love, life’s saboteur
I want us to be more than friends

Seeing things…

9 February 2007

How do we see what cannot be seen or count innumerable value

or measure importance that has neither length nor breadth?

Why tear my soul with such unfixed mutabilities,

that today I see things, that yesterday I did not?

What clouds my eyes? What clears them?

For my eyes see visions not realities.

Or should I have doubts and uncertainties?

“Behold thee, before me, before ye flee,

For in my sight, no better could thou’st be.

An image of purest beauty.”

And so… do I really see?


A lover’s touch…

9 February 2007

On polished white, her graceful fingers freely dance.

Sending sweet whispers gliding through the once gloomy air.

And for a moment, everywhere, just hanging. Tantalising. Within reach.

Carrying away ambition and dissolving all accomplishment.

Oh how I long to be ensnared forever, bedazzled and bewitched.

Encore! Encore!

Long Long Time…

7 February 2007

Quiet interrupted. No thunder, no lightning.

One drop. Then a pause. Two followed. Then more.

Over coffee it started. Racing down.

Crashing into the still lake. Breaking the calm and serenity,

Disrupting the silky sheen, distorting the clear reflection.

Peaceful violence. The power to change the view

As one broke into one.

Gentle transitions.

Of the same, but yet different.

They argued and fell into one another.

Rippling the view I saw.

It was to last a lifetime.

Yet before the end of the fall, the clear reflections returned

Without prejudice against the assailing drops

That lacking aim, had joined with the water still

But now different.