Gehenna Calls…

17 December 2012

My thoughts for you sail over ocean blue
From English shores to US islands long
Emotions running wild but deep and true
How can desire ever be so wrong?
For what I see steals sight from awe filled eyes
Yet what I long to touch instils a fear
So surely what we’ve built is built on lies
There is nowhere we can go on from here
For you are his, and you cannot be mine
No matter if we feel a love so deep
As heaven slips and truth makes me resign
I sound recall into a dreamless sleep
For we both know how this forged tale will end
Gehenna calls and I will soon descend


“Unappreciative bitch” that’s all I didn’t say
I hate that I love you so much though you treat me this way
Instead of a kind word to speak all you can do is moan
After all this time you know I should have fucking grown

Sometimes I wished that I would die, just so that you might see
The kind of life that you would have, without support from me
But saddest thing I feel right now that drives me to despair
You wouldn’t really notice, for you don’t really care