How lovely and how sad.
I question myself nonetheless.
Why is it not so bad
To not be honest in my mess?

For I talk in deceit.
She knows not how I truly feel,
That I want to complete
My love for her with hardened steel.

By taking the next move
And physic’ly connect in sex.
I know she’d disapprove.
My question is what to do next?

Will I a single be?
Forever locked to this one just.
Rejecting willingly
Some other love, some other lust.

I guess I must be mad
But I just want this thought to die
That there’s more to be had
In love between my friend and I

I know what I must do.
Divorce the best platonic wife.
And find somebody new
To dedicate and share my life.




30 March 2011

How full of potential the flowers are
From the paper wrinkly wrap
With a half vase full of water
My beauties start to bloom

Oh how marvellous. Oh how great
Their colour, their fragrance
The sweet allure captivates
I stare transfixed by the wonder

But they never last. It never lasts
Days pass again and all that’s left
Shrivelled relics of a memory
And a dry transparent empty glass


3 March 2007

Life not short, but time not fighting. Things undone are left alighting

On the journey of one’s doing. Forgetting things worth pursuing.

Never enough time we get. Temp’ral leakage we abet.

When we want to do so much, shouldn’t precious time we clutch?

Long Long Time…

7 February 2007

Quiet interrupted. No thunder, no lightning.

One drop. Then a pause. Two followed. Then more.

Over coffee it started. Racing down.

Crashing into the still lake. Breaking the calm and serenity,

Disrupting the silky sheen, distorting the clear reflection.

Peaceful violence. The power to change the view

As one broke into one.

Gentle transitions.

Of the same, but yet different.

They argued and fell into one another.

Rippling the view I saw.

It was to last a lifetime.

Yet before the end of the fall, the clear reflections returned

Without prejudice against the assailing drops

That lacking aim, had joined with the water still

But now different.