23 December 2012

Consigning broken heart to bottom shelf
And purely concentrating on the self
With expert hand I’ll ease the pain
Forgetting love or tell tale stain


Not you…

6 June 2007

Everytime I see into your beautiful eyes,

It fills me with surprise, and my inside cries

Just thinking of what could be have been ours,

A night so bright, so full of stars.

And then you look at me and smile.

Just take my hand and stay with me a while.

A lover’s touch…

9 February 2007

On polished white, her graceful fingers freely dance.

Sending sweet whispers gliding through the once gloomy air.

And for a moment, everywhere, just hanging. Tantalising. Within reach.

Carrying away ambition and dissolving all accomplishment.

Oh how I long to be ensnared forever, bedazzled and bewitched.

Encore! Encore!