3 December 2011

I should have slept four hours ago
after you told me you were staying out

If I had gone to sleep I still would have a packet
but now there is nothing but an empty box

Twenty little plasters turned to smoke and ash
but they did their job until there was an empty box

I felt the nicotine racing through my veins
but it didn’t comfort an addled empty box

A shroud of twenty clouds taunt in wispy dance
obscuring and choking in a walled empty box

In an instant there was red but then it drained away
and there was nothing left flowing in a naked empty box

4am and you’re home now with ‘company for a little…
The staking of the final nail for a six foot empty box


Black Velvet Sonnet…

17 November 2011

The velvet is as bleak as it is black
Depressions on your bed side mark my mind
To Hades I would go to bring you back
To see you here I’d willingly go blind
But you are gone and I am all alone
Alone to face the churlish taunts of night
To suffer screeching silence on my own
And turn my tears into these words I write
I cannot close my eyes for I would see
The happiness I’ve lost for evermore
In our room now a gaol of misery
I pray that death soon knocks upon the door
Till then in emptiness I lie awake
Enthralled to cold black velvet and heartache

A Familiar Cliff…

18 August 2011

As a child I looked up at your face
And saw you jagged and so sheer
I felt your cold and empty embrace
But your standing I revered

Growing up your shadow only cast
Caverned wounds deep in my face
Your height forged a void so vast
Your presence only left more space

Older I stood at your base
Ready to rise and tower you
Challenging to climb your face
Your hollow rock stayed unsubdued

Ageing as you crumbled down
Plague inside did grow at pace
Sinking in the earthly brown
I couldn’t bear to see your face

~ Submitted to dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft

Stand At Ease…

15 August 2011

Bravery in body bags
Heroes boxed and draped in flags
Broken bodies can’t be mended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Brothers thank you in march past
Standards flying bowed half mast
Honour you always defended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Speeches made of you in praise
Recounting all your short lived days
Remembrance services attended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Wrong war, though you gave your all
Still strong soldier standing tall
In dispatches well commended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

Duty filled we all attest
Lay down your arms and finally rest
Mistakes made won’t be amended
Stand at ease. Your watch is ended

~ To the Five Hundred and Fifty Eight


30 March 2011

How full of potential the flowers are
From the paper wrinkly wrap
With a half vase full of water
My beauties start to bloom

Oh how marvellous. Oh how great
Their colour, their fragrance
The sweet allure captivates
I stare transfixed by the wonder

But they never last. It never lasts
Days pass again and all that’s left
Shrivelled relics of a memory
And a dry transparent empty glass