A Familiar Cliff…

18 August 2011

As a child I looked up at your face
And saw you jagged and so sheer
I felt your cold and empty embrace
But your standing I revered

Growing up your shadow only cast
Caverned wounds deep in my face
Your height forged a void so vast
Your presence only left more space

Older I stood at your base
Ready to rise and tower you
Challenging to climb your face
Your hollow rock stayed unsubdued

Ageing as you crumbled down
Plague inside did grow at pace
Sinking in the earthly brown
I couldn’t bear to see your face

~ Submitted to dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft


Grassy Moon…

16 August 2011

Oh grassy moon,

Why do thou sometimes stay for more than just a night?

To stay, a boon

For haunting shadows valour seeks to put to flight.

Your ill met tune,

Upon a wanting righteous face does only blight.

Causing my hewn

And heavy heart such disaccord I wish to fight.

Cease to balloon,

Your influence, which only down dark paths invite.

Halt to impugn

My fervent wish to stop at only doing right.

To be immune

From your unpleasant curse is my intended height.

Begone ye soon!

Rise up, oh worthy sun, chase this vile moon from sight!

~ Submitted to Open Link Night 5 at dVerse Poets

How lovely and how sad.
I question myself nonetheless.
Why is it not so bad
To not be honest in my mess?

For I talk in deceit.
She knows not how I truly feel,
That I want to complete
My love for her with hardened steel.

By taking the next move
And physic’ly connect in sex.
I know she’d disapprove.
My question is what to do next?

Will I a single be?
Forever locked to this one just.
Rejecting willingly
Some other love, some other lust.

I guess I must be mad
But I just want this thought to die
That there’s more to be had
In love between my friend and I

I know what I must do.
Divorce the best platonic wife.
And find somebody new
To dedicate and share my life.


The Maze

19 May 2007

Lying staring at the blackness of my cold and unlit cell

Waiting to receive the wanted respite of a sleep filled spell

Thoughts a come of you and thinking where from here we go

A mind refined and answers filled yet cannot come to know

Like no savant of future views sees clear and set as straight

It pains to know how ends the play but still one has to wait

And so I lie in restlessness I ponder and I think

Just how our lives are so far yet inextricably linked