Steady Boys. Steady…

8 February 2012

The chamber was full and ready to fire
Out like cannon shot burst after burst
Into the warm and hostile depths
Each a spark shooting into the dark
We could not miss
Though some of us did
For those poor bastards
Such a sticky end
Rubbed out in the light of day
But most of us made it
Into the murky lair
Where we were bred to be

Our legions died inside
The innocuous cavern
Of debilitating malice
Stuck in the quagmire
Trapped in the folding maze
Half by not choosing right
Most too weak to go on

And those who made it to the end alive
Still died anyway
There we were
The few who crossed the oceans
With death floating all around
Knock knock knocking
Push push pushing
For life
Yet we all still died
One by one
Except that one
Lucky bastard!


The Garden Ghosts…

28 October 2011

They stare
these traders and these market men
behind their barrows and baskets and sacks

Each gaze
upon a stranger to their world
brings silence to this place where flowers grow no more

and the barter is forgotten
as time is lost and place remembered

Now ghosts
with cowled heads and darkened habits
behind their garden wall of goods

They stand
like statues in memoriam
of hallowed men who used to walk upon these grounds

And grew
the things these market men now sell
upon the land that peaceful men sought peace

Left Unspoken…

24 October 2011

With you I lie
For truth it brings no comfort

So both we lie
Denying what we know

We live that lie
There will be no tomorrow

We share the lie
Instead of my truth for you

For we both know
How I feel
What I want
What I would do
What I would say
If you would only utter Yes

But in truth there is only No

To save us from the mess
To save me from my pain
To save what we have built

There is only No

It lies with us