White Satin Sonnet…

16 November 2011

And living in a dream with her I lie
In thought and deed bereft of all control
No toil or tiring reason could defy
A dream that steals sweet sleep but feeds the soul
White satin sheets that ripple in moonlight
Have staved a loneliness that we might know
And through our gentle ravages this night
The dam explodes and warm white rivers flow
As surging pulse and pitch softly subside
She clothes my body with her tenderness
And whispers sweetly as her fingers slide
Compelled to rise once more I acquiesce
And so again we lie as day draws near
For when sun dawns this dream will disappear

Submitted to dVerse Open Link Night 18


Just a Kid…

16 August 2011

I am just a kid, just playing around
Having my own fun in my own playground
The pitcher, the batter, the fielding team
All parts am I in my play scheme

In playing I simply make light of it all
For I’m everyone, young, old, short and tall
I’m everything I could possibly think
As I skate around my imaginary ice rink

For as every player in this game I play
Alone I am now and alone will I stay
I play with myself and play frequently
Why does no one want to come play with me?

How lovely and how sad.
I question myself nonetheless.
Why is it not so bad
To not be honest in my mess?

For I talk in deceit.
She knows not how I truly feel,
That I want to complete
My love for her with hardened steel.

By taking the next move
And physic’ly connect in sex.
I know she’d disapprove.
My question is what to do next?

Will I a single be?
Forever locked to this one just.
Rejecting willingly
Some other love, some other lust.

I guess I must be mad
But I just want this thought to die
That there’s more to be had
In love between my friend and I

I know what I must do.
Divorce the best platonic wife.
And find somebody new
To dedicate and share my life.



7 August 2011

Freedom’s fictitious, a concept unreal
For we are not free to do or to feel
Whatever we want to, whenever we choose.
But freedom is often cited to abuse.

If people could do all what they want to
We probably all would get fucked and get screwed
We might get what we want at others’ expense
And make ourselves happy while causing offence.

Don’t tell me I can do whatever I please
Or have what I want as if life is a breeze.
Whatever I like, I cannot just take.
As life’s not like that. To be free is fake!


3 August 2011

Am I deceived, in truths or dreams
Is what I see more than it seems
Or maybe what I see is less
And I am easily impressed

But by external beauty taken
Aroused perhaps with my eyes shaken
Your physicality alluring
My vision sensibly assuring

But I debate what I am seeing
Am I a superficial being
Or am I drawn by what’s inside
Your beauty just over applied

Yes I see more than a good look
More than what often is mistook
In truth you’re sexy and appealing
That hardly constitutes my feeling

I sometimes think you’re not that pretty
But I know I am being petty
For your beauty is not just worn
It’s also internally borne



3 June 2011

It’s often hard to see the wood for trees
Don’t know if I will ever know with any ease.
Confusion, conflicts, is it pain or not?
Why do I not appreciate the things that I have got?
Why must I think of more?
I’m what I would deplore
Externally content and inside numb
Portraying happiness though feeling glum
But is it actually to do with you?
Or is it me, unsatisfied with what I do?
I guess both is true
But what should I do?
Impatience though I thought was not in me
Has gripped me tight and points me somewhat desp’rately
I want to be where I think in a year
I’ll be a better man, where happiness adheres
So will I get where
Should you be there?


30 March 2011

How full of potential the flowers are
From the paper wrinkly wrap
With a half vase full of water
My beauties start to bloom

Oh how marvellous. Oh how great
Their colour, their fragrance
The sweet allure captivates
I stare transfixed by the wonder

But they never last. It never lasts
Days pass again and all that’s left
Shrivelled relics of a memory
And a dry transparent empty glass

Not you…

6 June 2007

Everytime I see into your beautiful eyes,

It fills me with surprise, and my inside cries

Just thinking of what could be have been ours,

A night so bright, so full of stars.

And then you look at me and smile.

Just take my hand and stay with me a while.

The Maze

19 May 2007

Lying staring at the blackness of my cold and unlit cell

Waiting to receive the wanted respite of a sleep filled spell

Thoughts a come of you and thinking where from here we go

A mind refined and answers filled yet cannot come to know

Like no savant of future views sees clear and set as straight

It pains to know how ends the play but still one has to wait

And so I lie in restlessness I ponder and I think

Just how our lives are so far yet inextricably linked

Seeing things…

9 February 2007

How do we see what cannot be seen or count innumerable value

or measure importance that has neither length nor breadth?

Why tear my soul with such unfixed mutabilities,

that today I see things, that yesterday I did not?

What clouds my eyes? What clears them?

For my eyes see visions not realities.

Or should I have doubts and uncertainties?

“Behold thee, before me, before ye flee,

For in my sight, no better could thou’st be.

An image of purest beauty.”

And so… do I really see?