I don’t care what you say
It doesn’t really matter anymore
Your arms are not there to comfort me
I only deceive myself

How do you give it?
Though I feel it keenly in my chest
I’ve never really seen it
I’ve heard it a bit better
But you’ve hardly touched me
You cannot show me

What makes me so special
That your acts become nothing with me
To be for you in thought
To warm you with words
On those cold lonely nights

For me anyway

For you don’t feel the cold
You thank me as I stand in the doorway

And what about me
I don’t want to feel the cold

But it doesn’t really matter what you say anymore


Powdered Wig…

17 August 2011

Why don’t you get a powdered wig
Then put it on your head
And bloviate till kingdom come
My patience is dry bled

For what is wrong in what I say
In all I think or do
What makes you feel you’re always right
Concerning me and you

I hate the double standard
It simply is unfair
You always get your own way
We’re not an equal pair

I’ll add this to the docket
Your long list to begrudge
I hate when you climb your horse
Sit high and then misjudge