Gehenna Calls…

17 December 2012

My thoughts for you sail over ocean blue
From English shores to US islands long
Emotions running wild but deep and true
How can desire ever be so wrong?
For what I see steals sight from awe filled eyes
Yet what I long to touch instils a fear
So surely what we’ve built is built on lies
There is nowhere we can go on from here
For you are his, and you cannot be mine
No matter if we feel a love so deep
As heaven slips and truth makes me resign
I sound recall into a dreamless sleep
For we both know how this forged tale will end
Gehenna calls and I will soon descend


False Step…

15 August 2012

Oh fate, in false step, too unkind
Between the void and majesty
String up the soul and rob the mind
Of every thought except of she
To laughing gods my will resigned
A curse, cruel fate, for what must be

Lost Value…

15 February 2012

You will never see
A side of me with value
Because of you
In writing so many lines
I am lost

To Know…

18 December 2011

I do not know what I was thinking
what better it would bring
to see you want somebody
to see you all over him

In a room with little light
shadows break your forms
and gently try to proof my eyes
from rounds of earthly visions
that would go through and through

But my body feels the entries
and my body feels the exits
and though I cannot see
and though you cannot look
a gape is there
and here
and there
and here and there
and where I cannot show

I do not know when I will wake
the feeling dull and fade
the music play
and I will hear
the last echo
the last beat

I do not know why
I should feel this way
But I know all this will end
One day

I don’t care what you say
It doesn’t really matter anymore
Your arms are not there to comfort me
I only deceive myself

How do you give it?
Though I feel it keenly in my chest
I’ve never really seen it
I’ve heard it a bit better
But you’ve hardly touched me
You cannot show me

What makes me so special
That your acts become nothing with me
To be for you in thought
To warm you with words
On those cold lonely nights

For me anyway

For you don’t feel the cold
You thank me as I stand in the doorway

And what about me
I don’t want to feel the cold

But it doesn’t really matter what you say anymore


3 December 2011

I should have slept four hours ago
after you told me you were staying out

If I had gone to sleep I still would have a packet
but now there is nothing but an empty box

Twenty little plasters turned to smoke and ash
but they did their job until there was an empty box

I felt the nicotine racing through my veins
but it didn’t comfort an addled empty box

A shroud of twenty clouds taunt in wispy dance
obscuring and choking in a walled empty box

In an instant there was red but then it drained away
and there was nothing left flowing in a naked empty box

4am and you’re home now with ‘company for a little…
The staking of the final nail for a six foot empty box

Black Velvet Sonnet…

17 November 2011

The velvet is as bleak as it is black
Depressions on your bed side mark my mind
To Hades I would go to bring you back
To see you here I’d willingly go blind
But you are gone and I am all alone
Alone to face the churlish taunts of night
To suffer screeching silence on my own
And turn my tears into these words I write
I cannot close my eyes for I would see
The happiness I’ve lost for evermore
In our room now a gaol of misery
I pray that death soon knocks upon the door
Till then in emptiness I lie awake
Enthralled to cold black velvet and heartache

The Sodden Earth…

13 September 2011

Darkened heavens fall never ceasing
Ill met drops drowning the land
The field of dreaming crops halts breathing
Its harvest vapours to night’s hand

Soulless windows burst in pane
Floods pour down stone weathered faces
Sweeping away hope’s moraine
Salt waters erode rock found bases

The rain soaked soil becomes a reaper
A drain of strength I cannot face
Already weary sinking deeper
Softly welcomed in mired embrace

This sodden earth asphyxiated
Heralds the call from an echoless part
My resting place most abominated
An airless tomb for a stillborn heart

Nearing Living…

29 August 2011

Feelings that I cannot shed
No evicting from my head
Continuously to you lying
Hiding that I’m slowly dying
Nearing living but soon dead

I so desperately want to say
Just how I feel everyday
But holding tongue upon reflection
Knowing certainly rejection
And nothing good would come my way

A thousand deaths a day to know
Life assailed by this familiar foe
Your words innocent but testing
Cannot help my heart arresting
And for me there is no place to go

Feelings that I cannot shed
No evicting from my head
Inside sad, in silence crying
Hiding that I’m slowly dying
Nearing living but soon dead

A Familiar Cliff…

18 August 2011

As a child I looked up at your face
And saw you jagged and so sheer
I felt your cold and empty embrace
But your standing I revered

Growing up your shadow only cast
Caverned wounds deep in my face
Your height forged a void so vast
Your presence only left more space

Older I stood at your base
Ready to rise and tower you
Challenging to climb your face
Your hollow rock stayed unsubdued

Ageing as you crumbled down
Plague inside did grow at pace
Sinking in the earthly brown
I couldn’t bear to see your face

~ Submitted to dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft