Rejection, Farewell, Don’t Cry

Beauty, Inspiration, Anticipation, Development, Achievement

Calm, Serenity, Wonder, Fantasy

Calm before the Grandeur, Rapture, Awe

Beauty, Calm

Hope, Confidence, Future, Comfort

Tension Rising, Suspicion, Ominous, Uncertainty, Suspense, Doubt, Defiance

Calm, Relaxation, Reassurance

Trepidation, Suspense, Determination, Horror, Resolution, Battle

Numb, Cold, Want You Here

Quiet Defiance, Finding Answers

Calm, Uncertainty, Lost & Found

Defiance, Come Get Some! 

Consolation, Loss

Hold me, Feel the Distance

Lost, Alone, Numb

F*** Off – Politely

Quiet, Pensive, Solitude

Loss, Uncertainty

Sorrow, Pain, Hurt, Regret

Reflection, Stillness, Becalmed, Pensive

Strange, Doubt, Confusion, Progress, Wholeness, Continuance, Essense 


3 Responses to “My Writer’s Soundtrack”

  1. I’m liking a bit of these songs you have here! 😀

  2. Nice collection, awesome for days I am cooking 🙂 I will try to visit again and thanks for your sweet words on my blog 🙂

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