You & I…

9 February 2018

You suggested; I jumped
You talked; I dreamed
You smiled; I flattered
You shone; I beamed

You ate; I feasted
You sparkled; I stared
You asked; I answered
You shared; I bared

You teased; I fawned
You revelled; I swelled
You winked; I paid
You laughed; I fell

You led; I followed
You stripped; I leered
You stroked; I groped
You sucked; I cheered

You swooned; I swooped
You tongued; I flicked
You rubbed; I tickled
You sniggered; I licked

You beckoned; I entered
You gasped; I grinned
You blasphemed; I swore
You tempted; I sinned

You gripped; I grabbed
You moaned; I growled
You gave; I took
You scratched; I howled

You bit; I shuddered
You wanted; I craved
You rocked; I pounded
You took; I gave

You panted; I heaved
You begged; I worked
You tightened; I felt
You came; I smirked

You arched; I drove
You screamed; I strained
You squeezed; I tensed
You quivered; I came


You told me, and so I proposed
You had to accept, I suppose
You in shock and I, a tad
You the mum and I the dad



Last night…

18 April 2015

I broke the soundless night; in bed, I cried
My searing flow of tears would not subside
Despondent I could ever feel so low
And think this pain the worst there was to know

Though maybe unrequited love and I
Are truly intimate, and we have grown
Together in the dark watching me cry
Together in the dark I’m not alone

But surely that’s a madness in my head
For achingly I am alone in bed
As my love comforts other men I weep
Embarrassed that I let myself lose sleep

So with a shameful sadness and hurt pride
I broke the soundless night; in bed, I cried